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    Default Anyone getting a PS Vita?

    Been reading some thoughts and opinions on the PSV and rather to my surprise things are vastly positive which is somewhat unusual for a handheld not sporting the Nintendo name on it. I'm not really that interested in getting one unless Pro Evolution goes back to being great but until then how many of you are going to be getting your hands on the newest kid to have the PlayStation emblem adorned upon it?

    Are you even bothered?

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    My PSP has been collecting dust for the vast majority of the time it's spent in my possession, so I guess I don't really need a handheld console after all. Thus, no PSV for me.

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    Got good enough games on my phone (Asphalt 6, Reckless Driving, Race of Champions, etc). They all have impressive graphics on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

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    You like your racers.

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    Just skate!


    nope. don't like it. and i could spend the money much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diablo  
    You like your racers.
    I didn't think you'd be interested in Cut the Rope, Table Tennis, Pool, Wordfeud, Math Workout, Paper Toss, Flick Golf, Air Hockey, Shoot the Apple, etc, etc, etc

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    Apart from Pool, you were right.

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    Waiting to release in white.

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    Yes when i have the money i may order it from america as it is around 150 over there and 225 here !!! I think


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